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Pilot to identify plastic use

To find the plastic footprint of salmon farming, Cermaq has registered all plastics used in a smolt facility, a sea site, and a processing plant over one year. Cermaq pilots this plastic project for Global Salmon Initiative.


Check out Cermaq’s sustainability report

Is salmon farming sustainable? It is when done right. In Cermaq’s sustainability report we present how we address the challenges in producing healthy seafood in a sustainable way and our ambition to do more.


Folla Alger and Cermaq are testing a new combined sea site for salmon and kelp: will contribute to the green shift

Last week, Folla Alger stocked the first kelp in its new combined sea site for salmon and kelp in Steigen in Nordland, Norway.


Cermaq has stocked fish in the third version of iFarm

The iFarm project aims to improve the health and welfare of the fish in the net pens with the help of artificial intelligence. Fish have now been stocked for the third time in iFarm-net pens, and in this phase the focus is on machine learning.


Cermaq terminates purchased farming permits

When the proposal for resource rent tax for Norwegian aquaculture was presented, the authorities opened for returning permits purchased at fixed prices in 2022. Cermaq therefore terminates the purchase of 669 tons MAB at a value of NOK 134 million.


Cermaq freezes investments as resource tax will set Norway back, says Cermaq CEO

Cermaq will freeze investments in Norway as a consequence of the proposal for resource rent tax. “We will wait for more clear understanding of the announcement of last week and the final proposal for the resource rent tax and associated regulations”, states CEO Steven Rafferty


Sea the Solution

The use of the ocean by many industries has not sufficiently respected the multiple roles and complex biodiversity in the ocean, Cermaq recognizes in launching Sea the Solution. As research unfolds fact and casual relationships, we are better positioned to move from harm to harmony. And we must all take part.


Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship (SeaBOS) launches progress report 2017-2022

Cermaq is one of the ten seafood companies in the global partnership Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship (SeaBOS) and has the honor to present SeaBOS’ press release on the launch of the Progress report for the first five years of operation.


Industry settlement in US civil anti-trust litigation

Reference is made to the previously disclosed class-action complaints in the US against Cermaq and five other producers and/or sellers of Norwegian salmon (together with certain of their subsidiaries) (collectively referred to as the Defendants), over claims concerning anti-competitive behaviour. While all Defendants reject that there is any basis for the claims and consider the complaints to be entirely unsubstantiated, all Defendants in the US class action related to the direct purchaser case have now, following a mandatory mediation procedure, accepted a settlement offer from the direct purchaser plaintiffs subject to approval by the court of Southern District of Florida. The total settlement amount for all Defendants is USD 85 million.


Strong fish health results and environmental performance results in Cermaq

Survival rate for Atlantic salmon last year was 95% with variances between areas showing the potential for further improvement. Scoring fish welfare on three levels; environmental, population and individual is an important tool to increase survival rate.