The Age of Sustainable Seafood

Research and Innovation to find solutions

Growing our sustainable salmon farming comes with challenges, and as a global industry leader it is our responsibility to take a proactive approach to meet these challenges. When we solve a problem or overcome an obstacle, everyone benefits.

High ambitions - broad activities

Through our dedicated R&D, we are always searching for new ways to improve animal welfare, salmon quality and make the task of farming more sustainable. We take great interest in innovative ways to use new technologies to enhance nature and ensure the health and welfare of our salmon.


Digitalisation of salmon farming is already advanced, still the potential is enormous. In all phases of farming; smolt production, sea water production, harvesting and processing, digital support, artificial intelligence and machine learning is being used and developed at high speed.

Our research areas

Our research focuses on fish health and welfare, feed, and aquaculture technology. These are the areas we can make the greatest impact to ensure that our salmon are strong and healthy, that our operations are at the forefront of sustainable salmon farming, and the our salmon is premium healthy seafood. A common denominator in all research areas is digitalisation.

Transferring knowledge from researcher to our operations

As one of the largest salmon farmers globally, research and innovation plays a central role in Cermaq. Our central R&D team works closely with the dedicated R&D personnel in each of the operating companies, hence optimizing the output of our R&D activities. Bringing new knowledge to our operations based on research and benchmark, is our way for continuous improvement,

Research is based on cooperation

Our researchers engage in setting the overall research agenda for the industry through participating in the industry research funds and national research organizations. Research and innovation are seldom a one-person task, and Cermaq works with universities and research institutes, industry partnerships, suppliers, start-ups, and students to enhance new knowledge and good solutions.

Our record of bringing forward PhD graduates is 3 in one month!

Research publications

A competent research organization is based on highly qualified individuals working effectively with researchers at universities, industries and others, bringing forward new knowledge to the benefit of all. See the list of research publications Cermaq researches have contributed to.

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