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Whistle-blowing is positive for Cermaq Group because we get the opportunity to correct incidences of wrong doing.

Areas of wrong doings are described below:

  • Criminal offences
  • Other violations of the law, for example violation of the regulations regarding health, security and the environment
  • Financial misconduct
  • Violation of the Cermaq Group's ethical guidelines such as:
    • Violation of the provision regarding bribes, gifts and advantages
    • Human rights abuses such as incidents of child labor, discrimination (because of, but not limited to, race, color, sex, religion etc),
    • Prohibiting the right to participate in Trade Unions or collective bargaining agreements or similar
    • Other circumstances that are in conflict with the generally accepted view of what is justifiable or ethically acceptable

Report a concern

We report number of whistle blowings in the annual sustainability report.