Training and careers

We value our employees for the unique skills, backgrounds and perspectives they bring to the table. We work continuously to help bring out the best in our people, offering opportunities for development and an informal, caring and friendly culture. We strive to offer a workplace that’s great to be in and to be from.

Leaping salmon

On-boarding Cermaq

From the moment you join Cermaq, we offer a range of orientation and onboarding activities. We do this to equip you with the knowledge and skills that are important for you to succeed in your role.

A large part of learning and development in Cermaq happens on the job. That means that we are focusing on a learning environment where you will be able to learn from colleagues and through practical work and challenges.

Cermaq Academy is our internal training offer, where you find a range of training programs that will help you grow and build your competence base.

Why we work in Cermaq

  • Harald Takle i Chile

    “Cermaq invests heavily in innovation and development to make our farming operations better. Working with external research institutes, companies, and our operations in Chile, Norway and Canada makes my work days extremely varied. Seeing that I make a difference and that we move forward together is very rewarding.”

    Harald Takle

    Head of Seawater Innovation & Development

  • Daniel Pescatore

    “I don’t regret taking the chance of moving to Norway to work with Cermaq -it is a great adventure! Sustainability is at the core of Cermaq, and I work with all parts of the organisation to define our goals and to put together our sustainability reports. Transparency matters – and I’m proud of what we achieve together.”

    Daniel Pescatore

    Sustainability Analyst

  • Henning

    “In Aquaculture there is a great potential for analytic use of the tremendous amount of data we have in our operations. In Cermaq, I get to develop new innovative solutions which improve our decision making. Better decisions – more sustainable.”

    Henning Moe Knivsberg

    Global Business Intelligence Manager

  • Silvia Segnini 1830

    “In Cermaq, I have had the opportunity to develop, taking on new responsibilities and work on everything that is interesting within finance. Over my many years with Cermaq I have never experienced a dull moment”

    Silvia Segnini

    Head of Finance

Functional areas in Cermaq Group

We are e lean office of around 70 people covering the following functions;

  • Accounting
  • Business analyses and planning
  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Internal audit
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Purchase
  • Research and Innvoation
  • Sale
  • Strategy
  • Sustainability