Receipt of Statement of Objections from the European Commission

Cermaq Group AS has received a Statement of Objections from the European Commission on January 25, 2024, concerning alleged violations of European competition laws in the Norwegian Atlantic Salmon aquaculture and marketing business.

Ice floating in water

Cermaq Group AS will fully cooperate with the European Commission in their investigation. Cermaq Group AS disagrees with the preliminary findings from the Commission and will carefully examine the details of the Statement of Objections and consider how to respond.

Due to the ongoing investigation and hearing period, we will refrain to comment on the matter until European Commission had made a final decision.

The press release from the European Commission is available on the Commission's website:
A "Statement of Objections*" is a document that expresses the European Commission's interim view on possible violations of European competition law under investigation and is not a final decision. Recipients of this document are entitled to express their opinions, including, without limitation, objections. The final decision of the European Commission may be appealed to the EU Court.

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