Sustainability reports

Local Community Engagement

One of our core values is about our responsibility to society. We have a responsibility to people, society and the environment that are affected by our business, and we want to operate in a responsible way that creates value and positive ripple effects for the local communities where we operate.

We operate in many communities along the coast. The local and regional importance of our business goes far beyond those who work directly for Cermaq or in our industry. Our production is located in areas where we help to maintain employment and economic activity. Our employees are an integral part of the local communities where we have operations, and in the same way we as a company become a natural participant and contributor locally.

Cermaq contributes to local activity and employment and we want to be a reliable partner for the local communities in our areas of operation. Regular dialogue and community meetings are conducted in all regions. Indigenous peoples are an important stakeholder group to us and have distinctive rights in some of the areas in which we operate. As an example, mutually beneficial agreements with indigenous people in BC, Canada is a strong foundation for Cermaq’s operations in areas where indigenous peoples’ rights are affected by our operations.

Our general approach to stakeholder engagement:

Cermaq’s main stakeholder groups include our owner, employees and unions, customers, authorities, local communities, suppliers, civil society and NGOs. Dialogue with our owner and Cermaq employees is continuous, through established management structures and practices.

Employee relations are comprehensively regulated by law and agreement in the countries in which Cermaq operates. Cermaq applies one set of standards and values across its operations. The expertise, engagement and efforts of all employees are crucial to the success of Cermaq’s business. Cermaq’s relations with its employees and unions are described in more detail in the sustainability report (sections 102-8 and 102-41).

Customers include seafood wholesalers, processors and retailers in the main salmon markets. The sales organization in each local Cermaq company works directly with their customer in export markets,and many of our customers visit our operations.

Cermaq sees industry associations necessary for ensuring the framework conditions for the aquaculture industry. Thus, Cermaq is actively participating in industry associations, normally represented by senior executives in the board of the association.

Stakeholders may have rights under national laws as well as under international conventions. Important international conventions related to indigenous rights are ILO Convention 169 and the UN Declaration of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Other central conventions include the eight ILO core conventions of the "Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work" and the International Bill of Human Rights, including the right to freedom of association, collective bargaining and human rights.