Sea the solution

The world´s growing population needs more food, but almost 100 per cent of available agricultural land is already in use. How do we solve this major challenge?

Sea the potential

Two thirds of the world is ocean, but we are only using 5 per cent of it for food production.

Featured image Ocean of possibilities

An ocean of possibilities

Steven Rafferty, the CEO of Cermaq, one of the world’s largest salmon-farming companies, and Erik Giercksky head of the UN´s Global Compact Ocean Platform discusses how aquaculture can improve food security.

Sea the challenges

It is crucial to ensure that good intentions to produce nutritious sustainable protein in the ocean do not harm the ocean environment.

The Cermaq Sustainability Standard

The Food Challenge

Farmed salmon as any other farmed animal should be treated well and their value as a healthy food source should not come at the expense of their welfare

The Social Challenge

We are all a part of a community, and we believe we must find ways to connect through initiatives that brings added value to everybody

The Environmental Challenge

The ocean consists of thousands of species, all equally important for the preservation of the entire marine ecosystem

The Climate Challenge

Reducing CO2 emissions is important for keeping the ocean where we operate healthy for production of fish and securing existing biodiversity

Food security and environment at risk

It is impossible to comment on future food production without reflecting on the situation the world finds itself in after two years of pandemic, and the resulting challenges that have arisen within global food-production and logistics.

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