Our five values guide us

The values of Cermaq are an integral part of our vision. They set the boundaries for the behaviour and activities we engage in to achieve our goals. These values are a reflection of who we are and what we stand for, and we do not pursue business opportunities that are in conflict with them.

Business Mindedness

How: We always seek opportunities that generate profit and reduce cost.
Why: Value creation is the purpose of our business.


Corporate Responsibility to Society

How: We conduct our business in a responsible manner to add value to the society.
Why: Our company has a responsibility to people, communities and the environments impacted by our business.



How: We are loyal to our standards and base our decisions on fairness and respect.
Why: Integrity, a consistent approach throughout our operations helps us to build morale and pride and to earn trust both as individuals and as a company.


Sharing Success and Concerns

How: We share information pro-actively and engage colleagues and stakeholders in both achievements and dilemmas.
Why: Transparency and involvement create trust and improve the quality of decisions and outcomes.


Long Term Perspective

How: Long term profit comes before short term gain.
Why: Success is defined by value creation over time and lasting customer satisfaction

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