People are our first and most important focus

From our customers and partners to our workers around the world, our business is about people.

Our commitment to openness and transparency is at the heart of everything we do. It is on this foundation that we build strong partnerships, invest in a sustainable future, and stay conscious of our responsibility to society. We will never sacrifice long term goals for short term gains.

Our Vision

We want to provide the world with a clean, pure source of healthy, sustainable food. We will work in partnership with nature to minimize our impact on the world's resources and with our customers to be their preferred supplier.

Our Strategy

To follow our vision, we must be industry leaders in four key business areas: operations, customers, people and sustainability.

We are committed to continuously developing and improving on our established leadership in fish health and sustainability to meet customer demands for healthy, high quality food, today and into the future. This means investment in sustainability research, commitment to innovation, transparency through meeting the highest standards, and strong partnerships with the people who share our goals and values.

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