The research plan for the ASRC (2020-2025)

Arctic Salmon Research Centre, based on four R&D licenses held by Cermaq Norway. The research plan for the ASRC (2020-2025) has the following new specific goals:

  1. Study the effect of high levels of EPA / DHA and microminerals (Zn, Se) in the feed on general skin health, intestinal health and fish quality, as well as the ability to prevent wounds and wound healing and to develop fillet quality (less melanin and better pigmentation).

  2. Testing for seasonally elevated protein / energy ratio in high-energy feed can stimulate increased growth and shorter production time in salmon in Finnmark, and document effects on quality and feed utilization.

  3. Evaluate whether increasing EPA / DHA in the feed, by increasing the admixture of fish oil or algae oil, will contribute to better fish health and fillet quality in salmon in Finnmark.

  4. Investigate how important polar lipids in feed are for digestion and absorption problems in salmon in Arctic regions, and whether the addition of polar lipids can improve intestinal health, feed utilization, and contribute to better pigmentation of salmon fillets.

  5. Increased knowledge building about Arctic salmon farming through bachelor's and master's theses.

Sjølokaliteten Store Lerresfjord, om kvelden, med lys i merdene og nordlys i bakgrunnen
Salmon being grown in arctic regions face challenges from low sea temperatures.