Stable performance - sea lice challenges in Tofino area towards normal levels

Cermaq presents another quarter of strong performance on social indicators, whereas the fish health in Canada was impacted by sea lice challenges in Clayoquot Sound region.

Cermaq's approach is transparency, partnerships and performance.

To Cermaq transparency is key part of our approach transparency, partnerships and performance. Being transparent is important for the continuous improvement of Cermaq’s performance as well as for providing the basis for a good stakeholder dialogue. This is why we are publishing our sustainability results every quarter, starting from Q1 2016

In past quarter sea lice levels at a few fish farms in Clayoquot Sound region have been higher than usual compared with the same quarter last year, leading to a higher average lice count.

Use of sea lice treatment in feed in Canada increased to 0.3 grams of active ingredient in feed per ton of live weight equivalent harvested. Also treatment with hydrogen peroxide was used and has been working effectively.

In Chile, sea lice counts dipped by over 40% compared with the same period last, partly due to increase in sea lice treatment., The antibiotics use by closed cycle for harvested fish decreased. There was one fish escape in Cermaq Chile this quarter where 21,584 fish escaped due to a predator attack.

Cermaq Norway sea lice counts were 0.03 adult female lice per fish while sea lice bath treatment was not used. The majority of farms have very good sanitary conditions and overall lice counts are maintained well below the regulatory limit of 0.5 average adult female lice per fish.There was no use of antibiotics by closed cycle for salmon harvested this quarter in Cermaq Norway.

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