Presentations from Cermaq's sustainability seminar

Cermaq's annual sustainability seminar was held on June 3rd in Oslo. The presentations from the seminar are now available.

Presentasjoner fra Cermaqs bærekraftseminar

This year's topic was quality and fish welfare; Do we know enough about what consumers want on their plate - what they like, what they expect - and what they worry about today’s salmon? And how can the aquaculture industry respond to this?

View the presentations on video (most of them in Norwegian language):

The presentations from the seminar are now ready to download (pdf). Please note that most of the presentations are in Norwegian language only:


Yu Sato, chair of the board of Cermaq Group: Global foodtrends - Mitsubishi see opportunities in fish farming

Jon Hindar, CEO of Cermaq and co-chair of Global Salmon Initiative: The GSI members share a common goal of providing a highly sustainable source of healthy protein to feed a growing global population, whilst minimizing our environmental footprint, and continuing to improve our social contribution. How?


Phil Gibson, manager of Resiliensea Group: The food industry is the link between farming and consumer. What do global customers - and choosy consumers - expect from the salmon?

Terje Martinussen, managing director of the Norwegian Seafood Council: Consumers eat less fish than what is recommended. What can the industry do to meet the consumers' needs?

Kristin Hurum, quality director of Cermaq Norway: Salmon from Cermaq is superior food. This is how we work with quality assurance and development to fulfill this promise


Siri Martinsen, head of NOAH - for animals' rights: We expect animal welfare for chicken, pigs, sheep and cows. What expectations should we have to fish welfare?

Inger Fyllingen, senior advisor at the Norwegian Food Safety Authority: How can the Norwegian Food Safety Authority contribute to promoting fish welfare?

Karl Fredrik Ottem, fish health manager of Cermaq Norway: Fish welfare is an ethical responsibility and decisive for superior salmon. This is how Cermaq works with fish welfare

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