Fernando Villarroel leaves Cermaq

Villarroel, COO Canada, has decided to return to Chile after working abroad for 10 years.

Fernando Villarroel, COO Canada, is leaving Cermaq to return to Chile.

- It is with regret that I have accepted the resignation from Fernando Villarroel, says CEO Geir Molvik. Fernando has been with Cermaq for 19 years and has been very important for the company, not only in Canada but also for the global operations.

Fernando will remain COO in Canada until end of April.

- It has been a privilege to work for Cermaq Group for almost 20 years, leaving the company was one of the most difficult decisions of my professional career but as a family we have decided that is time to return to Chile, says Fernando. I leave Cermaq at a point in time when the operations in Canada are sound, there is a strong organization in place and the results are best ever, he says.

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