Check out Cermaq’s sustainability report

Is salmon farming sustainable? It is when done right. In Cermaq’s sustainability report we present how we address the challenges in producing healthy seafood in a sustainable way and our ambition to do more.

ESG22 1

Cermaq Sustainability Report 2022

Essentially, sustainability and profitability go hand in hand in salmon farming. We want healthy fish, a thriving ocean and strong communities to build a business that is profitable over time.

In Cermaq, we stive to optimize and improve in all areas. Sometimes they are in conflict. Examples mentioned in the report include that optimizing fish welfare in smolt production requires more energy and even further back in the value chain reducing the marine content in feed increases the carbon footprint of the feed.

Aquaculture is a part of the solution but there are also challenges we need to overcome, and this makes aquaculture attractive for dedicated people who want to make a difference.

The sustainability nerds will find our audited sustainability report in accordance with the GRI Standards. Others will find an overview in text, photos, graphs, and tables on our performance and how we work on fish health and welfare, ocean biodiversity, feed, waste management, emissions and climate, local communities, and much more.

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