10-year anniversary for Cermaq’s sustainability report

This year marks Cermaq’s ten years anniversary for its award winning sustainability reports. Since 2010, Cermaq’s sustainability report has been externally assured. Cermaq has led the way in contributing to an increasing transparency in the salmon industry.

Cermaq's sustainability report provides detailed information on 36 performance indicators.

Cermaq’s sustainability report 2018 is now available on providing a wealth of information spanning from an overview of the management approach to sustainability, to detailed information on 36 performance indicators.

“When Cermaq started external assurance of its sustainability report, we were for many years the only company in our industry doing this. For us, these reports have been the basis for trust and transparent dialogue with our stakeholders. During this time, the industry as a whole has taken a number of steps forward on transparency, most significantly with the Global Salmon industry wide online reporting in 2015. It demonstrates the significance of sharing sustainability data and how this industry is now leading in transparency,” says CEO Geir Molvik.

Cermaq’s sustainability report is a core level GRI report, aligned with the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) and includes insight into Cermaq’s strategy, CEO perspective, materiality analyses, stakeholder engagement, GRI indicators, and customized indicators for our industry.

For several years. Cermaq has been rated as the most transparent seafood company. With the new Seafood Stewardship Index (SSI), the focus of the future rating will change towards performance, taking disclosure for granted.

The World Benchmarking Alliance develops the SSI that is aimed at moving sustainable seafood production towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SSI will consist of 30 companies’ score cards, showing how and to what extent each company contributes to sustainable seafood production and trade, and an index ranking the companies from 1 to 30, based on their performance levels.

“The launch of the Seafood Stewardship Index reflects the maturity of sustainability reporting in the seafood sector. We believe the time has come to benchmark performance, not only the level of disclosure of information, and welcome the reporting system being launched later this year,” says Wenche Grønbrekk, Head of Sustainability and Risk.

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