A sea of opportunites

Our values are the basis for the determination and patience that have crafted us into who we are. At Cermaq, everyone works every day to be the preferred supplier of sustainable salmon.

In our work, every little detail counts, from start to finish. Dedicated and competent employees are fundamental; likewise are robust management systems and procedures to manage risk and assessment of all relevant aspects of our operations.

Cermaq is proud to be a global leader in the development of the salmon industry. With approximately 3000 employees across Chile, Canada and Norway, we offer a wide range of job opportunities worldwide.

Knowledge, dedication and commitment are equally important for fish farm employees, fish health experts, processing operators, vessel skippers, sales representatives, and others in the many areas of expertise related to our operations.

Vacancies in Cermaq

Vacancies in Cermaq Group AS:

Position Office Deadline for application
Treasury Controller
(Job ad in Norwegian language only)
Oslo, Norway As soon as possible
Group Accountant
(Job ad in Norwegian language only)
Oslo, Norway As soon as possible
Business Analyst
(Job ad in Norwegian language only)
Oslo, Norway As soon as possible
Regnskapssjef Group/konsern Oslo, Norway As soon as possible
Global IT Security Manager
(job ad in Norwegian language only)
Oslo, Norway  


Vacancies in our operating companies:

Cermaq Canada

Cermaq Chile

Cermaq Norway

What we expect from leaders in Cermaq

Our performance depends on the quality of our people. Cermaq ensures empowerment and competence at all levels through internal and external education and development. Our company culture and values guide our skilled operational employees to make the best decisions for our fish at a local level.

We have six leadership principles in Cermaq that express what we expect from our leaders, but what is of equal importance is that these principles express what any employee in Cermaq should expect from his or her leader.

The impact of our leadership principles is strengthened by explanation of why and how each principle applies.

LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLE HOW we will apply the principles WHY we will apply the principles
Health and safety of people are always first In crisis as well as daily business we safeguard the life and health of people before other concerns are considered People come before profit
Lead by example when you live the Cermaq values Show in action and priorities that the values guide you to the right decision Values demonstrated through action are the strongest message
Develop, trust and empower people Invest in the competence of people and provide employees with the tools needed to carry out the job efficiently The company will never be better than the quality of our people
Be approachable and communicate openly Be open yourself and invite others to be open with you Engagement and open discussion help us to arrive at the right decision
Involve colleagues and support them in good times and bad times Engage in people around you with consistent approaches in success and in failure Value creation is long term team work
Be ahead of your customer's needs Identify your customer, whether internal or external, and look for opportunitites to satisfy the customer through excellent service and quality The customer defines our success

Are these principles appealing to you?  You might check our vacancies.

Career opportunities in Cermaq


Our farming operations are located in Norway, Chile and Canada. Job opportunities within farming range from aquaculture biology and veterinary sciences, and technician positions at all levels, to feed coordinators, production planners, management, health and safety coordinators, and quality personnel, etc.

Marketing and sales

Our sales and marketing functions span sales, planning, logistics, marketing, branding and new product development.

We have sales offices and representatives in Japan, Canada, Chile, France, Norway and theUS.

Research and Development

Our research and development department for fish health is based in Bergen, Norway, where we have access to advanced laboratory facilities. We also have R&D facilities in Norway and Chile. Cermaq's R&D organization works across the Cermaq Group, and is organized in four competence areas: fish health and welfare, technology, breeding and genetics, and feed and nutrition.


Cermaq Global’s head office is located in Oslo, Norway, covering functions such as accounting and treasury, controlling, risk management, IT support, IT systems, legal, HR, communication, and sustainability.

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