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Recent news from Cermaq

In our news archive you will find press releases and news published by Cermaq Group AS.  

Cermaq launches brand platform: "True Arctic - slow raised salmon"

Cermaq's farming in Norway takes place north of the Arctic Circle, where the water is cold and the salmon grows slower, resulting in specific product qualities. As consumers increasingly pay more attention to the origin of the food, the Arctic effect represents market value.

Our sustainability results Q4 2018

Every quarter, we publish our performance for key sustainability indicators related to important fish health, environmental and social topics in our operations.

3 doctoral degrees in Cermaq in 1 month

With two new doctoral degrees in Cermaq's fish health group in Bergen, the research group of five has completed three doctoral degrees in only one month. Cermaq has made use of the Norwegian Research Council's scheme for “industrial PhD”.

Young salmon benefit from exercise

We have always known that exercise is good for you, but now we know the optimal level of exercise for our young fish. It is the speed of the water flow that determines the exercise or the speed of swimming. The optimal speed of the water keeps the salmon smolt strong and healthy. This is not only good for fish health and welfare, also the water quality is improved.

11th quarter of transparent reporting on sustainability performance

Each quarter we publish our key performance indicators for OHS, fish health and welfare, environmental impacts, and compliance. We believe that our consistent transparency builds trust. The performance for the quarter July-September 2018 can be found on

Cermaq researcher defends his PhD on intracellular bacteria – important for improved mitigation of fish diseases

Øyvind Brevik is the first of three Cermaq researchers who will be defending a doctoral degree this fall. In his doctorate theses, Øyvind Brevik has developed genotyping tools for identifying bacteria causing disease in fish. This knowledge is important for developing tools for disease mitigation in aquaculture.

UN GC Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business moves forward

The Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business, launched in June, has made a three year plan for its work on the role of the ocean in achieving the 17 sustainability goals, and with particular focus on SDG 14, Life below Water. Cermaq was the first company to join this Platform.

Production start at Cermaq’s new closed containment system in Horsvågen

​Cermaq aims to be leading in technology development that contributes to sustainable food production. This weekend, Cermaq transferred smolt into its new closed containment system in Horsvågen.

Global leaders in seafood step up its actions for ocean sustainability

SeaBOS is one of the partnerships where Cermaq engages to strengthen sustainability and meet the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This week the SeaBOS Companies met and agreed to increase their efforts to strengthen sustainable practices in the seafood industry.

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