Wildlife interactions

Each certified site shall report farm-caused mortality of wildlife within 30 days of any incident.

Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification includes public reporting of certain environmental criteria which are particularly important for biodiversity, including death of wildlife. The reporting requirement includes both intentional or unintentional mortalities of birds and marine mammals.The ASC requirments include:

  • On the farm there should be no mortalities of endangered or red-listed marine mammals or birds as defined by IUNC or national endangered species list
  • There should be evidence that the following steps were taken prior to lethal action against a predator:
    • All other avenues were pursued prior to using lethal action
    • Approval was given from a senior manager above the farm manager
    • Explicit permission was granted to take lethal action against the specific animal from the relevant regulatory authority

The management of permissions for lethal actions are implemented in line with national regulations.

The public reporting from each certified farm shall be made within 30 days of any incident.

To adhere to the requirements Cermaq will focus on the following:

  • Installing preventive measures that reduces the potential conflict between farmed salmon and birds or marine mammals. These include type of predator nets, type of bird nets on top of the pens etc.
  • Monitoring of all our nets to rescue birds or marine mammals in the rare case they are caught in the nets.
  • Training employees in determing the species of birds and marine mammals to report correctly and specify if there are any endangered or red listed species.

Visit the web site of Cermaq Canada, Cermaq Chile and Cermaq Norway to see the reporting for each ASC certified site.

Cermaq also publishes bird and sea mammal mortality in its annual sustainability report.

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