Total number of escapees per production cycle must be less than 300 fish.

Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification includes public reporting of certain environmental criteria which are particularly important for protecting the health and genetic integrity of wild populations. Escaped farmed salmon may interbreed with wild salmon of the same species. This is a particular concern in Norway where the wild salmon is Atlantic salmon.

Escaped farmed salmon also have the potential to disrupt ecosystems and alter the overall pool of genetic diversity through competition with wild fish.

The ASC requirements include:

  • Farms shall report all escapes; the total aggregate number of escapees per production cycle must be less than 300 fish.
  • Data on date of escape episode(s), number of fish escaped and cause of escape episode shall be reported.

Keeping our salmon safe inside the pens is the top priority for everyone working at the sea sites. Our equipment, procedures, and training are all focused on avoiding incidents where the salmon might get outside of the pens.

Cermaq CanadaCermaq Norway publish information of incidents of escapes from ASC certified sites within 30 days. In Canada, Norway and Chile any incidents of escapes must be reported to authorities immediately when they occur.

Cermaq also publishes information of incidents of escapes at aggregated levels for all its operations in its quarterly sustainability report.

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