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Cermaq has thirteen certified sites and was the first salmon farming company in Canada to have multiple farms certified to the ASC standard

  1. Bare Bluff
  2. McIntyre Lake
  3. Mussel Rock
  4. Brent Island
  5. Venture Point
  6. Raza Island
  7. Westside
  8. Maude
  9. Burwood
  10. Sir Edmund Bay
  11. Dixon Bay
  12. Millar Channel
  13. Ross Pass


Cermaq’s first ASC certifiaction was in Chile, and this was also the first ASC certification in Chile.

Cermaq has 13 certified sites, mostly in the the region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica (Region XII) in the far south of Chile but also in region X.

  1. Canal Contreras
  2. Isla Garcia
  3. Punta Laura
  4. Punta Laura Norte
  5. Unicornio Sur
  6. Estero Navarro
  7. Punta Darsena
  8. Surgidero Furia
  9. Darsena Norte
  10. Ensenada Rys
  11. Isla Marta
  12. Unicornio
  13. Aguantao



Norway has fourteen certified sites, seven in Finnmark and seven in Nordland.

  1. Anevika
  2. Nordnes
  3. Store Lerresfjord
  4. Oksøya
  5. Veggfjell
  6. Skinnstakkvika
  7. Martnesvika
  8. Sommarbukt
  9. Rivarbukt
  10. Tuvan
  11. Ytre Koven
  12. Langøyhovden
  13. Svartfjell
  14. Dypeide

ASC dashboard

Cermaq aims to certify all its farming sites to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council salmon standard for responsibly farmed salmon. This dash board provides information of the status in our certifcation process and the data from each certified site


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