Local management and a lean head office

Our organization is built on a common strategy and company culture, and reinforced by local management and a lean head office.

Cermaq has farming operations in Canada, Chile and Norway, and sales offices also in Japan, the US, and France.

Cermaq is a fully owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation.

Cermaq's companies

Cermaq Chile has operations in regions X, XI and XII, and is managed from Puerto Montt in Region X.

Cermaq Canada operates on both the east and west side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and is managed from the head office in Campbell River.

Cermaq Norway has operations in Finnmark and Nordland, and has administration in Steigen, Nordland.

The parent company, Cermaq Group AS, is located in Oslo, Norway, covering finance, IT, legal, HR, R&D,communication and sustainability.

Corporate Management Team



Geir Molvik (1958) - Chief Executive Officer

Geir Molvik  took up the position as CEO of Cermaq in July 2016. He joined the Cermaq group as Managing Director for EWOS Norway in 2006 and was appointed Chief Operating Officer Farming from June 2010, and Chief Operating Officer Norway from November 2013. He has broad experience in aquaculture from Hydrotech-gruppen, Hydro Seafood and Noraqua in Norway and from Georgia Sea Farms Ltd. in Canada and Tassal Ltd. in Tasmania, Australia. Molvik was Senior Vice President in Christiania Bank og Kreditkasse for several years. Molvik holds a MSc. from the University in Tromsø, Norway.


Morten Nærland - Acting Managing Director Chile

Morten Nærland took up the position as Financial Director in Chile in February 2018. He was appointed Acting Managing Director Chile in October 2018. 


David Kiemele (1979) - Managing Director Canada

David Kiemele joined Cermaq in May 2016 as Regional Production Manager for Tofino and took up the position of Managing Director in April 2017. Mr. Kiemele has extensive experience in our industry commencing in the year 2000 in British Columbia and also over 10 years spent in Tasmania. While with Tassal he held management positions as Regional Manager, General Manager, and Head of Farming.

David Kiemele is trained as an as aquaculture technician, and studied Executive Management with Mt Eliza through Melbourne Business School.


Knut Folmer Ellekjær (1962) - Managing Director Norway

Knut Folmer Ellekjær joined Cermaq in April 2017. Mr. Ellekjær has broad management experience from the food industry, with more than 25 year in Orkla in positions as Innovation Director for the snacks and confectionary business, Managing Director of the biscuit company Sætre, and Production Director of Stabburet, the largest pizza company in Norway. Knut Folmer Ellekjær holds a master degree in Food Technology from the University of Life Science, Norway, and a master degree in Business Management from Madison-WI.



Thomas Palm (1982) - Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Palm joined Cermaq as Senior Analyst Business Development in 2010. He has over the last five years held several key positions in Cermaq including Finance Director of Cermaq Chile and Finance Director of Cermaq Norway. Thomas Palm holds a master degree (Siviløkonom) from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) in Bergen and a CEMS Master in International Management. Before he joined Cermaq he worked in the Corporate Finance department of SEB Enskilda and with M&A in Statkraft.


Axel Ranang Gustavsen (1975) - Chief Legal Officer

Axel Gustavsen took up his position as Chief Legal Officer in Cermaq Group in October 2016. Mr. Gustavsen has broad experience from law firms as well as international business. Before joining Cermaq he worked for Aker Solutions where he has held the position of SVP & Chief Legal Counsel. He has also worked as head of legal for Aker solutions in the US.  He has background from the law firms Thommessen and BAHR. Axel Gustavsen took his law degree at the University of Oslo in 2000

Board of Directors

Yasuhiro Kawakami (1964) - Chair of the Board

Yasuhiro Kawakami is a graduate from Faculty of Business and Commerce at Keio University, Tokyo, Japan. Kawakami joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1986 and has been engaged in seafood businesses. Kawakami has worked with various countries in Europe, in Americas, and in Asia, being stationed in London/Liverpool UK, and Mauritius in Indian Ocean.Kawakami was Deputy Division COO for Foods*Commodity Division of Mitsubishi Corporation, and has been President & CEO of Toyo Reizo Co.,Ltd in Japan 2015-2018. He is Senior vice president of Mitsubishi Corporation, and currently Chair of the Board of Cermaq from 2018.


Helge Midttun (1955) - Director

Helge Midttun is a business studies graduate from NHH (Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration). Midttun was President and CEO of Aker BioMarine ASA 2006-2008, President and CEO of Fjord Seafood ASA 2003-2006 and President and CEO of Det Norske Veritas AS 2000-2002. Midttun is engaged in various board activities, and has been a member of the Cermaq board since May 2009.


Takatsugu Ukai (1974) - Director

Takatsugu Ukai is a graduate from Faculty of Commerce and Management at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan. He joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1998 and has served for over 20 years in various professional roles of accounting, finance, and risk management. His broad experience spans particularly Food business and Oil & Gas industry, including residing in U.S.A. and Canada for 6 years. He served as Chief Financial Officer at Diamond Gas Management Canada Ltd. in 2013-2016, and engaged in Shale Gas upstream development and LNG Project. Currently he is Team Leader of Fresh Food Products Team in Food Industry Administration Department at the head office of Mitsubishi Corporation.


Torgeir Nilsen (1968) - Employee elected director

Torgeir Nilsen joined Cermaq in 2007, and works as edible fish coordinator in Cermaq Norway. Nilsen has worked in the aquaculture industry since 1987, and has amongst others worked for Meridian Laks AS, Stolt Sea Farm AS, and as regional manager in Finnmark county, Norway for Marine Harvest. Torgeir Nilsen was elected as a board member in Cermaq Group AS in May 2015.


Yasumasa Kashiwagi (1962) - Director

Yasumasa Kashiwagi is a graduate from faculty of the agriculture department at Tokyo University Japan. Kashiwagi joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1987 and has been engaged in food businesses. Kashiwagi has been working seafood business since 1995 and has extensive experience in this field. Kashiwagi was General Manager of Marine Products Department at head office of Mitsubishi Corporation from April 2011. He is Senior vice president of Mitsubishi Corporation, and since 2017 Division COO, Fresh Food Products Div.

Isao Kano (1960) - Director

Isao Kano is a Senior Vice President of Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), and is currently Regional CEO for Europe as well as Managing Director of Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc. Since joining MC in 1984, he has held various senior management roles in the development and trading of natural resources as well as heading regional group companies in Brisbane, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo.  He also serves as Deputy President of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK and holds a number of non-executive directorships at Mitsubishi Corporation Group companies in UK including Princes Ltd, Triland Metals Ltd, Colt Car Company Ltd and Diamond Generating Europe Ltd.

Borkur Arnason (1972)

Borkur Arnason joined Cermaq in September 2012 as a factory manager for Cermaq’s processing plant in Hammerfest (Rypefjord). Before joining Cermaq, Arnason worked for Norway Seafood AS in Hammerfest. Arnason has long experience from fish industry and related industries both in Iceland and in Norway. Arnason holds a master degree in Investment Management from Reykjavik University, and a bachelor degree in Fisheries Science from University of Akureyri, Iceland. Borkur Arnason was elected board member in Cermaq Group AS in September 2017. 

Lisbeth Pedersen (1975)

Lisbeth Pedersen joined Cermaq in 2015 and works as HR manager in Cermaq Norway. Pedersen is a graduate from Faculty of Law University of Oslo, and University of North Dakota School of Law. She has broad experience within HR, both from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, and from the travel industry. Pedersen was elected board member in Cermaq Group AS in September 2017.

Sales organization

Our sales teams are organized to serve our main market regions; Asia, Europe, North-America and Latin America, supplying superior products from our processing plants in Canada, Chile and Norway.


Company history

Established in 1995, the history of Cermaq is a tale of transformation; from a grain trading company, to a global leader of salmon farming.              

The main events in the history of the company are listed below:


1994   The company Statkorn Holding AS (later Cermaq) was founded as a state owned company 12.12.1994 taking over shares in Stormøllen as of January 1995.

1995   The grain trading company Statkorn AS was founded in July when a new marketing organisation for grain was introduced in Norway.  Statkorn AS was transferred to Stakorn Holding AS.

1995   The flour division in Stormøllen AS is separated out and merged with flour operations in creating Norgesmøllene DA where Stakorn Holding Cermaq owns 60%

1995   Cermaq purchase 49% of shares in livestock feed company Fiskå Mølle AS.

1996   The fish feed company NorAqua AS is established with Statkorn Holding AS as a minority owner (41%). Stormøllen’s aquaculture division is merges into NorAqua AS

1998   Norgesmøllene DA discontinues food flour production in Stavanger and purchases 50 % of the shares in Food Manufacturing Services

1998  Statkorn AS changes to Statkorn Holding ASA

1999   Stakorn Holding AS acquires 19 % of the shares in NorAqua, and with this becomes majority owner in the company (57 %).

1999   Statkorn Holding AS sells its feed grain operations in Stormøllen and 50 % of the shares in Statkorn AS.

1999   The Norwegian state sells 20 % of the shares in the Statkorn Holding AS


2000   Statkorn Holding AS takes over of the fish feed companies EWOS AS, EWOS Ltd (UK), EWOS Chile S.A. and EWOS Canada Ltd from Danisco.

2000   Statkorn Holding AS takes over from Felleskjøpene the remaining 43 % of the shares in NorAqua. NorAqua AS and EWOS AS merge, and the new company keeps the name EWOS.

2000   Statkorn Holding AS executes a share issue of NOK 1 500 million.

2000   Statkorn Holding AS enters farming operations through acquisition of the fish farming companies Pacific National Group Ltd and Prime Pacific Seafarms Ltd in Canada, Mainstream Salmones Y Alimentos S.A. in Chile and Mainland Salmon Ltd, Shetland Norse Ltd and Aquascot Group Ltd in Scotland

2001   The company changes its name from Statkorn Holding ASA to Cermaq ASA.

2001   Cermaq sells Staur Gård and Cermaq’s shareholding in Norsk Kornforedling AS to the Norwegian State represented by the Ministry of Agriculture. Cermaq divests its silos in Hamar, Skarnes, Melsomvik and at Sjursøya to Statkorn AS.

2001   Cermaq enters into an agreement with Felleskjøpene to re-acquire 50 % of the shares in Statkorn AS (at the time Unikorn AS). Thereafter Cermaq sells 34 % of the shares in Unikorn AS to Bygdemøllenes Investeringsselskap AS.

2002   Cermaq, Skiens Aktiemølle ASA and Fritzøe Møller AS enters an agreement selling all their shares in the company Norgesmøllene DA to Felleskjøpet Øst Vest, effective from January 2003.

2002   EWOS decides to close the feed plant at Vestnes effective from April 2002 and the feed plant in Stavanger effective from March 2003.

2002 Cermaq acquires 30 % of the shares in the Chilean farming company Salmones Andes.

2003   Cermaq sells its shareholding of 49 % of the shares in Fiskå Mølle AS to Brødrene Nordbø AS, and Cermaq decides to sell the processing company Aquascot Ltd.

2003   Cermaq sells its shareholding of 66 percent of the shares in Unikorn AS and becomes a minority shareholder in Unikorn AS.

2003   Cermaq decides to assemble its farming operations under the unified name Mainstream. Farming operations in Canada and Scotland change names to Mainstream Canada and Mainstream Scotland.

2004   Cermaq sells Vaksdal Industrier AS and the power plant at Buvika in Skaun municipality.

2004 Cermaq aquires 34 % of the shares in Follalaks AS

2004   Cermaq acquires the remaining shares and gains 100 % ownership in the Chilean farming company Salmones Andes. The operations are integrated with Mainstream Chile. Cermaq is becoming one of the largest producers in Chile.

2005   Cermaq ASA was listed at the Oslo Stock Exchange 24th of October

2005   Cermaq takes over the fish farming company Heritage, and thereby more than doubles its production in Canada

2005   Cermaq acquires the remaining shares of Follalaks and becomes a significant player in Norwegian salmon farming.

2006   Cermaq enters operations in Finnmark by acquiring Langfjordlaks AS, Polarlaks AS and Hammerfest Lakseslakteri AS.

2007   Cermaq acquires Arctic Seafood with operations in Nordland and Troms, Norway, and divests the Arctic licenses in Troms to SalMar

2008    Cermaq’s R&D division, EWOS Innovation, opens a research centre in Colaco, Chile

2009   EWOS Norway inaugurates a new production line in the Florø plant. The plant becomes Norway’s largest feed factory with an annual capacity of 250 000 tonnes. The plant is the world’s most modern and environmental friendly within fish feed plant.

2010 Cermaq sells out of fish farming activities in Scotland.

2010 EWOS enters the fish  feed market in Vietnam, in a joint venture with Anova.

2011 Cermaq joins UN Global Compact and Transparency International Norway

2011 CEO Geir Isaksen leaves Cermaq after 15 years, and Jon Hindar is appointed new CEO

2011 Cermaq sells its shares in the non-core business Hordafôr

2011 Mainstream Norway establishes a new production area in Ofotfjorden and Mainstream Chile starts production in region XII

2012 Cermaq acquires the Chilean farming company Cultivos Marinos Chiloé

2013 Cermaq sells its feed division EWOS to the private equity funds Altor and Bain Capital. The farming division, Mainstream, changes name to Cermaq.

2014 Mitsubishi Corporation acquires 100% of the shares in Cermaq ASA, and the company is delisted from Oslo Stock Exchange. Cermaq ASA changes name to Cermaq Group AS

2016  CEO Jon Hindar leaves Cermaq, and Geir Molvik is appointed new CEO

2016 The new hatchery at Forsan, Steigen is inaugurated in October, enabling Cermaq to be self-sufficient with smolt.

2016 Cermaq Chile and Salmones Humboldt merges.

2018 The new processing plant at Storskjæret, Steigen is inaugurated in September.

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