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Whistle blowing

What is a whistle blowing incident? If you are subject to, or witness to incidences of wrong doings, we encourage you to report the concern to us. If reported we are able to investigate it and act upon it, if required.

Areas of wrong doings are described below:

  • Criminal offences
  • Other violations of the law, for example violation of the regulations regarding health, security and the environment
  • Financial misconduct
  • Violation of the Cermaq Group's ethical guidelines such as:
    • Violation of the provision regarding bribes, gifts and advantages
    • Human rights abuses such as incidents of child labor, discrimination (because of, but not limited to, race, color, sex, religion etc), prohibiting the right to participate in Trade Unions or collective bargaining agreements or similar

Other circumstances that are in conflict with the generally accepted view of what is justifiable or ethically acceptable.

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