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Every year, millions of people around the world stop, at 10:18 a.m. on October 18 and practice earthquake drills as part of the Great Shakeout program.

This is especially meaningful to those of us on the West Coast of Canada who live in an active earthquake zone, nicknamed the ring of fire.


Today at the Campbell River and Tofino offices and several farm sites, employees took the time to stop what they were doing and participate. The event was led by our OHS Director Perry Boudreau and our Coastal Waters Program Facilitator Janice Valant.  


“We would like to say a great big thank you to everyone for taking the time to participate – as this is a scenario which we could see play out here on Vancouver Island and we need to be prepared — whether at work or at home," says Boudreau. “If you didn’t have a chance to participate today, I would urge people to review their safety plans and know what to do in case of an earthquake.”


It is also important to discuss an emergency plan with your family, and know what your plan would be if an earthquake strikes while you are at home. 


Below are some good ideas and tasks to complete before a big earthquake hit.

  • Have a plan. Draft a family emergency plan outlining how you’ll respond during an earthquake, especially if you’re separated. Make sure to consider pets and people who need extra help.
  • Build an emergency kit. Stock enough food, water and emergency supplies to sustain you for a minimum of three days. Longer is better.
  • Know the risks in your area and where the emergency reception centres are. This can all be found on provincial government and local municipality website.
  • Create grab and go bags. Earthquakes aren’t guaranteed to happen when you are at home. Have emergency kits. 

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