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Response to sea lice levels in Clayoquot Sound

Sea lice counts at some of our Clayoquot Sound region farms have been higher than usual, and some people have been asking about this. Here is Cermaq Canada's response.

David Kiemele, Cermaq Canada's managing director, explained what the company is doing about this situation.

"Cermaq takes this matter very seriously and is actively addressing it," Kiemele said. "We have removed significant numbers of fish from several farms and continue to remove additional fish and treat remaining farms as quickly as possible.  Longer-term, Cermaq has committed to a  $12 million state-of-the-art lice management barge that will be in place early next year, which will allow us to prevent this repeating itself in the future."

Kiemele referred to the Hydrolicer barge currently being built for Cermaq Canada, which will look like this design rendering and will be available in early 2019.

"Cermaq has had a long-standing track record of managing sea lice counts well below threshold levels in Clayoquot Sound. We are committed fully to delivering those results as quickly as possible as we work through this current challenge," Kiemele concluded. 

Cermaq Canada publishes sea lice data for all its farm sites. Data can be viewed here on a site-by-site basis, and is updated on a weekly basis. 

Top photo: fish health technicians do a sea lice count at a Cermaq Canada salmon farm.

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