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Cermaq salmon harvested from Burdwood get clean bill of health

Harvesting has begun at our Burdwood Island farm, and we are proud of the hundreds of thousands of salmon which will soon become millions of meals for people around the world.

Like everything we sell, the fish are safe to eat, and are a healthy part of a nutritious diet.

However, some anti-aquaculture activists are trying to mislead people about the safety of these fish by referring to a diesel fuel spill which happened at the site in early March, and they are suggesting they have “caught” us in some wrong-doing.

The truth is, we have been transparent about this unfortunate incident from the beginning, with the public and with our customers, and the fish we are harvesting are perfectly safe.  

Here are the facts.

Shortly after the spill, fish were sampled in co-operation with an independent contractor. Fish approximately the same size were also sampled from another site where there had been no spill, to act as a benchmark. They were sent in for sensory and contaminant testing above and beyond our regular testing procedures.

The samples were specifically tested for polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), the component of diesel fuel that can be harmful. All fish from both sites were below detectable levels for PAH. The laboratory could not detect any trace of this contaminant in our fish.

Cermaq was transparent about the fuel spill, posting a statement online after it happened and co-operating fully in the clean-up and follow-up investigations. Actions have been taken to improve our practices involving fuel to help reduce the likelihood of future spills.

Cermaq is transparent about the health of our fish with our customers. Just before harvest, fish are sampled and tested for contaminants, and must be healthy and safe before we can sell them.

The fish from our Burdwood farm are healthy and safe to eat, and we are proud to be able to be able to provide our customers with a high-quality source of nutritious protein. 

Test results

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