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Cermaq Canada takes proactive approach to address ASC certification concerns

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: A statement from Cermaq Canada regarding the sea lice issue in Clayoquot Sound

Cermaq takes this matter very seriously and is actively addressing it as quickly as possible through a number of strong actions, both immediate and longer-term in nature.

We are using multiple tools in the immediate-term, including depopulating affected farms while treating others with an environmentally-safe hydrogen peroxide bath now that we have received a license for that approach. More than a year ago we started a process of adding more tools to our toolkit, including a $12 million sea lice control barge that is being custom built and will be in place early next year.

We are 100% committed to investing in robust sea lice control measures, and are continuing to enhance them through investment in new equipment and ongoing research.

After discussion with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), Cermaq Canada has decided to voluntarily not sell any salmon from the affected sites under the ASC brand until we resolve this situation. We pride ourselves on our certification track record, and are committed to the transparent nature in which we conduct our business.

Cermaq has had a very strong track record of sea lice compliance across all of our farms going back more than a decade-and-a-half. This year has been challenging, and we are committed to getting back in line with our historical performance as quickly as possible.

— David Kiemele, Managing Director for Cermaq Canada








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