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Another year free of lost-time injuries at Cermaq

2017-04-20: Cermaq Canada has currently gone more than one year without a lost-time injury (LTI), and that’s something we can all be proud of.

Cermaq Canada and Cermaq Canada Processing have again achieved their ultimate goal of going a full calendar year without a lost time injury (367 days as of April 18, 2017).

“This is the second time in the last three years that Cermaq Canada and Cermaq Canada Processing has achieved their ultimate goal. Five years ago they said it couldn’t be done. We said it could, and that it would be done. And we were right,” said Dave Samson, Cermaq Canada and Cermaq Canada Processing’s Occupational Health and Safety Officer.

Samson said the determination of our employees to lead by example in providing a safe and healthy workplace is truly amazing and each and every one of our employees should stand proud of what we have achieved as a company. 

“During orientations for new employees the very first thing we say to them is ‘welcome to the Cermaq family and welcome to the Cermaq team.’ We are a team and this achievement was truly a team effort,” he said. 

Cermaq Canada is already looking at how we can go another year with no lost time injuries. We are looking at several ways of making that happen. One is tracking trends in Near Miss Reporting to identify problem areas.

Another new focus is looking at seasonal changes that can affect a person’s body; for instance we noticed an increase in sore muscles, backs, shoulders once fall arrived. Colder weather means a person’s body tightens up so stretching is very important during the fall and winter months.

Also we noticed an increase in slips and trips in 2016/2017 due to the unusual low temperatures and high snowfall. And in the spring and summer months our reporting showed a higher number of absentee days.

Our Injury Management Program went through a complete overhaul which helped keep our employees in the workplace. When an employee was injured we focused on keeping the employees regular routines interacted. In other words, they were able to live the same lifestyle by staying at work with no interruptions.

Cermaq encourages everyone to join together to make it two years without a lost time injury: this is our challenge as a team for 2017. 


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