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Recent news from Cermaq Canada

In our news archive you will find press releases and news published by Cermaq Canada.  

Cermaq salmon farms on track to reach 2020 certification goal

Cermaq Canada reached an exciting milestone this week, with nearly 60% of our production farm sites now certified to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s (ASC) salmon standard.

Learning about underwater lights at our salmon farms

We recently held a company photo contest, which invited employees from all Cermaq companies to submit photos showing salmon farming from their perspectives.

Injunction granted for Cermaq sites

Today the B.C. Supreme Court granted Cermaq an injunction to allow us to protect our people and our fish.

Activists again harass salmon farm workers, stress fish in second staged photo-op

Our Burdwood salmon farm was again boarded by a group of activists who harassed our employees and entered a farm pen, again stressing our fish.

Activists illegally board farm, enter pens and harm fish in latest stunt

A group of activists boarded our Burdwood salmon farm today, and illegally launched kayaks and divers into a pen holding harvest-size Atlantic salmon.

Cermaq salmon harvested from Burdwood get clean bill of health

Harvesting has begun at our Burdwood Island farm, and we are proud of the hundreds of thousands of salmon which will soon become millions of meals for people around the world.

Cermaq Canada welcomes government inspections

Cermaq Canada welcomes proposed inspections by government at all processing facilities that handle seafood.

Cermaq applies for option to use hydrogen peroxide-based sea lice treatment

We have received some questions about our application for the option to use Paramove 50, a hydrogen peroxide-based sea lice treatment. To answer these questions, we have prepared this Q&A.

Cermaq Canada farms achieve three more Aquaculture Stewardship Council salmon certifications

Cermaq Canada farms achieve the highest standard of independent certification, the World Wildlife Fund-based ASC farm standard

All BC farmed salmon gets upgrade in Seafood Watch guide

All BC farmed salmon has earned an upgrade in the world's most popular seafood guide, and is now a "Good Alternative."

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