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As part of our commitment to transparency and meeting the toughest third-party certifications, including the ASC standard, we publish information about the environmental impacts of our farms.

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ASC-certified sites (or sites in certification process)
Location Status
Bare Bluff Certified
Brent Island Certified
McIntyre Lake


Mussel Rock


Venture Point


Raza Island




Sir Edmund Bay


Maude Island




Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification requires public reporting of several criteria. Cermaq Canada has decided to make this information available for all sites, not just certified sites, or sites seeking certification.

Wildlife Mortality Reporting (posted within 30 days of incident)
Location Species Description Date
Bare Bluff Kingfisher Found floating in pen 2017-02-06
Bawden Seagull Found dead between walkways and net pens inside predator fence 2016-12-24
Millar Channel California Sea Lion Entanglement 2016-03-09
Mussel Rock Seagull
Great blue heron
Probable drowning; found dead floating between billet and pred net
Ross Pass Herring Gull Found entangled in predator net 2017-01-03

ASC requires all escapes, no matter how small, to be publicly reported. 

Escape Reporting (posted within 30 days of incident)
Location Number Description Date
Bare Bluff 1 Escaped through newly-created hole 2016-04-14

ASC requires sea lice reporting to be done within 7 days of sampling during "sensitive periods" (the March 1 - June 30 wild salmon outmigration period) and within 7 days of month-end otherwise. Sensitive period data is below, and monthly data for all sites is available by viewing individual locations.

Sensitive Period Sea Lice Reporting for ASC-certified and pending sites, and sites to be audited
Note: Sea lice data for the following sites is updated within 7 days of sampling from March 1 - June 30.
Bare Bluff Brent Island Burdwood
Dixon Bay Maude Island McIntyre Lake
Mussel Rock Raza Island Ross Pass
Sir Edmund Bay Venture Point Westside

After harvest, ASC requires any unexplained loss (discrepancy between stocking and harvest numbers that cannot be accounted for) be publicly reported. Please note that the counting machines we use when we transfer fish from the hatchery to the ocean are 98% accurate. Differences up to 2% between the stocking count, minus harvest  count, sample count and mortality count, are then explained by the accuracy of the counting machines. 

Unexplained Loss (2016-present)
Location Inventory Difference (#) Inventory Difference (%) Final Harvest Date
Rant Point -3,091 -0.6% 2016-01-20
Burdwood -4,915 -0.7% 2016-02-10
Dixon Bay 3,795 0.7% 2016-04-01
Bedwell -4,875 -0.9% 2016-06-27
Ross Pass 2,494 0.47% 2016-06-29
Mussel Rock 983 0.2% 2016-09-08
Plover Point -8,074 -1.3% 2016-10-25
Brent Island -5,817 -0.92% 2016-12-20
Venture Point 4,345 1% 2017-01-25
Westside 3,885 0.7% 2017-06-29
Raza Island -590 -0.09% 2017-06-30
Binns Island -1,611 -0.29% 2017-07-27

 Previous years' ASC-required public reporting information has been archived below.

Info from previous years
2016 Outmigration Period Sea Lice Counts
2015 and Prior Public Reporting Data (Wildlife mortality, escapes, unexplained loss)


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