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Sea Lice Information

Below is the sea lice count information from our farming sites

Why are Sea Lice counts important?
Cermaq counts lice on a weekly basis in order to meet and exceed Aquaculture license requirements and ensure the health and welfare of the fish in our care and of surrounding wild salmon.

Accurate identification and enumeration is important for a few reasons:
• Ensures our reporting complies with Cermaq’s Federal Aquaculture license preventing non-conformities and fines; and
• Helps determine if a treatment is necessary and how soon it should be done. 

How does Cermaq publicly report their Sea Lice counts?
Cermaq publicly reports its sea lice counts according to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) criteria: 
• Sea lice counts are recorded on our website within seven days of their completion;  
• Where there are two sample events within one week, (pre and post-treatment), post-treatment counts will be posted on the Cermaq website; and
• We report all of our sea lice counts to DFO who then post these counts publicly on its website.

Sea lice counts updated on September 18th, 2020.
Sample results are average abundance for the farm, uploaded every Friday for the previous seven days.
Sea Site Motile Lepeophtheirus salmonis (average number per fish) Comments
Bare Bluff   Inactive
Bawden   Inactive
Bedwell   Inactive
Binns Island   Inactive
Brent Island 1.75
Burdwood   Inactive
Cecil Island   Inactive
Cypress Harbour 0.02
Dixon Bay   Inactive
Fortune Channel 2.40  
Maude Island 0.00
McIntyre Lake
Sampling delayed
Millar Channel   Inactive
Mussel Rock
Plover Point   Inactive
Rant Point   Inactive
Raza Island 1.87  
Ross Pass   Inactive
Saranac Island
Nearing completion of harvest 
Simmonds 0.53
Sir Edmund Bay 0.03  
Venture Point 0.97
Wehlis Bay 0.15
Sampling delayed

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