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Working in Freshwater

There are many different jobs and careers in our Freshwater department.


Hatcheries receive fertilized eggs from our broodstock sites.

During incubation, hatchery technicians tend to the eggs, and maintain optimum water quality.

Once hatched, the alevins grow until their yolk sacs are absorbed. They become fry, and they are ready to eat feed.

Hatchery technicians maintain consistent feeding , ensure optimum water quality and monitor/maintain fish health until the fish are transported to saltwater.

Employment Positions

All hatcheries operate year-round and employ approximately 10 people at each location.

Cermaq Canada uses a three-level scale for hatchery technicians: where you start on the scale depends on your experience, education and training.

Hatcheries also employ maintenance technicians, fish health technicians, assistant managers and hatchery managers.

Work Schedule

Work schedules vary with the hatchery, time of year and position. Some hatchery technicians work day shifts, and others work eight days on while living in camp, and get six days off. In camp, staff are provided with comfortable accommodations with individual rooms and shared kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities.


Applicants should be physically capable, have an interest in animal husbandry and enjoy working outdoors. Technical and maintenance skills are a definite asset.

Wages and Benefits

Cermaq Canada offers:

  • An excellent company-paid benefits package
  • Matching retirement fund plan
  • Competitive wages

There are also many opportunities for advancement in Cermaq Canada, and we are committed to training and continued education of our employees.  Our goal is to create an environment that supports long-term employment.


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