Introducing Salmon Farming

Where does farm-fresh salmon come from?

Salmon farming isn't much different from any other kind of animal farming. We grow salmon from eggs, take good care of them for up to three years, and harvest them to produce delicious and healthy salmon meals for millions of people around the world.

What we do

We farm the Atlantic salmon species because it has proven to be the most efficient type of salmon to farm. It has been domesticated over the past 40 years and is the main farmed salmon consumed on the global market. If Atlantic salmon escape, they cannot interbreed with Pacific salmon. Despite 100 years of efforts to deliberately introduce them for sport fishing, Atlantic salmon have proven incapable of colonizing the Pacific coast.

How we do it

We have special fish called broodstock which produce the eggs we need to grow fish year after year. During the past 25 years, using traditional animal husbandry techniques, we have developed fish that are well-suited to grow in BC’s coastal waters. 

We grow salmon in fresh water land based hatcheries for the first part of their lives, mimicking the conditions wild salmon experience when they hatch and grow in fresh water rivers and streams. When they reach the saltwater phase of their lives, after about a year, we move them into our farms in the ocean. The natural environment for salmon is the ocean, and it is where they are best suited to grow.

Our farms are engineered by external parties to withstand the challenging ocean conditions we face farming on the West Coast of Canada. They are designed and maintained to prevent escapes and to keep predators out.  

Meeting high standards

We also have many standard procedures (SOPs) and protocols in place to respond to any incidents and they are reviewed on a yearly basis by external auditors who certify our systems. These SOPs help form our management systems which are all certified to international ISO standards, and these numerous third-party certifications for our farms show we meet and exceed the highest standards for farming salmon.

Farmed responsibly

We keep our fish healthy throughout their lives by using good farming practices. Our goal is to keep our fish as stress-free as possible, making sure they have the best nutrition, and a safe environment to grow. We rarely have to use medicines, and only use them under the supervision of a professional veterinarian. 

We strive to keep our fish and environment healthy and manage our farms in a manner to make sure all possible impacts are minimal. We work with established scientific researchers, facilities and universities to monitor and learn more about the ocean and its creatures.  

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