Research and Innovation

Salmon farming is a science-based industry and research is crucial to finding ways to continually improve. We are involved in many different projects.

Sea lice research

Sea lice are small, external parasites found naturally in the ocean. In B.C. there are two species of sea lice, Lepeophtheirus salmonis, which preys only on salmon species, and Caligus clemensi, which preys on numerous species of fish, including herring and sticklebacks.

Our salmon enter the marine farms from freshwater hatcheries free of sea lice. Once in the ocean, farmed salmon can pick up sea lice from the natural environment.

Sea lice are generally not a health problem for our fish, but there are concerns that farmed salmon could pass them back to the wild stocks, particularly very small wild salmon smolts.

For this reason, sea lice are regularly monitored and counted on our fish. This is done in accordance with government regulations.

Sea Lice management strategies may include harvesting the fish, or feeding the fish feed which contains SLICE®, a licensed veterinary drug that rids the salmon of the parasite. SLICE® is milled into the feed, and is a Health Canada-approved treatment for sea lice in farmed Atlantic salmon. This is currently the only government-approved sea lice treatment in B.C.

Since 2004, we have participated in a wild salmon sea lice sampling program in Clayoquot Sound to help us better understand sea lice dynamics in the region. In 2016, we joined our industry partners in a sampling program on Vancouver Island's East Coast. 


Wild Salmon Sea Lice Monitoring
Date Report
2004 Sea Lice Analysis: 2004 Beach Seine Samples (Bedwell Sound, Fortune Channel and Tofino Inlet)
2004-2007 Prevalence and density of sea louse (L. salmonis and C. Clemensi) infections in juvenile chum salmon (Oncorhychusketa) in Clayoquot Sound, 2004-2007
2011 Sea Lice Analysis: 2011 Beach Seine Samples (Clayoquot Sound, BC) 
2015 2015 Juvenile Wild Salmon Monitoring Program (Clayoquot Sound, BC) 
2016 Wild Juvenile Salmonid Monitoring Program (Clayoquot Sound, BC) 
2016 Report on Sea Lice Assessment on Wild Salmon Collected in Strait of Georgia, Discovery Islands and Johnstone Strait, BC Spring 2016 Collection 
2017  Wild Juvenile Salmonid Monitoring Program Discovery Islands 2017
2017 Juvenile Salmon Migration Report: Northern Strait of Georgia to Johnstone Strait 2017
2017 Wild Juvenile Salmon Monitoring Program Broughton Archipelago 2017
2017 Wild Juvenile Salmon Monitoring Program Clayoquot Sound, BC 2017
2018 Wild Juvenile Salmon Monitoring Program Broughton Archipelago 2018
2018 Wild Juvenile Salmonid Monitoring Clayoquot Sound, BC 2018
2018 Wild Juvenile Salmonid Monitoring Discovery Islands 2018


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