Our business is built on partnerships, and maintaining good relationships with our stakeholders.

Our stakeholders show strong interest in Cermaq's operations and especially in our sustainability performance. We seek and we welcome dialogue with stakeholders who are directly involved with or impacted by our industry or who constructively engage in seeking industry improvements.

Many groups hold interests in salmon farming

Cermaq’s stakeholder engagement is carried out both at local and the corporate level, and our aim is to engage in constructive dialogues and partnerships based on respect and transparency.

Relevant groups of stakeholders include:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Authorities and politicians
  • Local communities
  • Suppliers
  • NGOs
  • Unions
  • Indigenous People in the region in which we operate
  • Industry Association
  • Providers of Capital
  • The general public

Local communities where we operate

Cermaq operates in numerous local communities. Our operations are often located in rural areas where our operations offer work places and economic activity. Farming fish in the common waters carries much responsibility, and is based on cooperation with the local communities.

Being a reliable partner in the local community is key for being an attractive employer and for the success of our local operations.  We recognize that there might be diverse views on salmon farming, and that Cermaq must demonstrate our respect for the communities and the environments in which we operate.

Dialogues, town hall meetings, general transparency and audited sustainability reporting are some of the tools used to demonstrate the quality of our operations.

First Nations are important partners. Cermaq Canada has had a protocol agreement with the Ahousaht First Nation since 2011, and has defined policy and principles for First Nation relations.


Adding value to the communities in which we live and work. 

We support the communities in which we live and work and we are committed to adding value. We spend over $500,000 per year in community sponsorship and in-kind funding for projects, programs or initiatives that add value and support both Cermaq’s and the region’s unique values and priorities.   

Each community has specific needs, interests and passions. We look for those niches, and within that, work as an organization to add value while also achieving our goals to support the health of the community, the ecosystem and wild salmon.

We host farm tours, sponsor youth programs and events, and look for ways to enhance all of the good already happening in the community. We look for partnership opportunities to work with local organizations who share our values and support habitat restoration, enhancement programs, youth education, and shoreline and ocean clean up initiatives.

To apply through our community sponsorship program, please complete the below form and send it to our office via email (, or drop it off in person.

Please note that applications can take up to eight weeks to process. 

Cermaq Sponsorship Application Form

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