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Cermaq recommends aquaculture at the Fortune and Time Global Forum

The 2016 Global Forum gathered business leaders from the world’s largest companies, members of the Time 100 list of the world’s most influential people, and a cross section of leaders from NGOs, non-profits, organized labor and religion.


Cermaq Chile and Salmones Humboldt unite as one company

Following the acquisitions of Cermaq ASA in 2014, Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) owns two salmon farming companies in Chile, Salmones Humboldt and Cermaq Chile. With the merge of the two companies, synergies can be realized, increasing levels of competitiveness of the new company.


More ASC-certified sites

Cermaq has multiple sites in each of the three farming regions, and can supply certified salmon to our customers in all markets.


Sustainability performance Q3 on 10 indicators in three regions

- We know that our ongoing sustainability performance is of interest to our customers, local communities and to other stakeholders. Hence, we publish this each quarter as soon as the figures are ready, says Wenche Grønbrekk, Cermaq’s Head of Sustainability and Risk.


THE GLOBAL SALMON INITIATIVE (GSI) members have reached 100 ASC certified farms

~20% of all GSI member farms now ASC certified, as group makes progress towards ambitious sustainability goals


Fish farming is a part of the solution to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals

- Seeing how we in Cermaq can contribute to meeting the UN Sustainability Goals is very encouraging, says Wenche Grønbrekk, Global head of Sustainability and Risk in Cermaq.


Cooperation within the industry and with authorities, suppliers etc. is needed for realizing the full potential in Chilean farming.

To achieve the innovation we need we must organize ourselves better through the entire value chain, from how we empower employees at the farming site to how we collectively fund research, was one of the messages from Geir Molvik.


Complete financial reporting and additional GRI indicators are now available

Cermaq published its sustainability report in May based on the calendar year 2015. As the company’s fiscal year has been adjusted to 1 April -31 March, the accounts and BoDs report are published separately.


Cermaq at the frontier of progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Whereas the report describes the current situation of our oceans overall as challenging and especially so when it comes to regulating harvesting and end overfishing, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, the main focus is how we can meet the targets set by the UN for Life below water.


Our Q2 sustainability performance

Cermaq is the only aquaculture company that publishes quarterly performance for key sustainability indicators related to important fish health, environmental and social topics in our operations.