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GSI raising the bar: releases third annual sustainability report

As a member of the GSI, Cermaq is pleased to announce the publication of the GSI’s third annual Sustainability Report. The publication of the report underlines GSI’s continued commitment to improved industry transparency, and ongoing improvements in the members’ environmental performance. This year’s report – the third published by the GSI leadership group – features key sustainability data from all 12 member companies.


Cermaq releases 2016 sustainability report: Sustainability is a choice

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were integrated into Cermaq’s strategy in 2016, and form a central part of the framework for Cermaq’s annual sustainability report. From this year forward, the company’s performance on five focus areas are reported, where each area is linked to a specific SDG that Cermaq can significantly impact.


David Kiemele is our new MD in Canada

Joining Cermaq last year he brings broad experience in farming to the organization


Cermaq takes the long term approach in order to grow as consumers will put more emphasis on health and convenience

Cermaq expects the seafood category to grow significantly in North America as consumers change their diets to focus more on health as well as taste. This will require the whole value chain to evaluate what is required in order to meet consumer requirements for important topics such as transparency, nutrition and sustainability.


Cermaq - #1 in transparency on sustainability – presents Q4 performance

Fish health, sea lice, OHS and compliance are topics covered by the quarterly reporting. Cermaq is currently the world’s only seafood company to have embarked upon – not only annual but also – quarterly sustainability reporting.


Cermaq ranked #1 in transparency benchmark of Top 100 seafood companies

Again, Cermaq has been rated as the most transparent company in the seafood business, providing customers with insight and building trust based on our leadership in sustainability.


Arild Aakre appointed head of North America Sales organization

Cermaq has sales offices in Vancouver and Miami including marketing and business development support. Sales North America serves customers with salmon from all regions; Chile, Norway and Canada.


Cermaq joins FReSH initiative to improve global food systems

World Business Council for Sustainable development (WBCSD), EAT and 25 leading global companies join together to improve global food systems.


Fernando Villarroel leaves Cermaq

Villarroel, COO Canada, has decided to return to Chile after working abroad for 10 years.


Knut Ellekjær is the new COO for Cermaq Norway

Mr. Knut Ellekjær brings extensive experience from food industry of processed branded products from Orkla.