Public reporting

As part of our commitment to transparency and meeting the toughest third-party certifications, including the ASC standard, we publish information about the environmental impacts of our farms. Read on

Farmed Salmon Facts

Farmed salmon is one of the most environment-friendly forms of protein you can buy, and Cermaq Canada is proud to be on the leading edge of this sustainability revolution. Read on

From Egg to Plate

We have created a video series showing how we grow our salmon, from egg to harvest to packaging, and to your plate. Watch the individual videos for more information, or watch the full story version. Read on

Public reporting data updated to June 30

2016-07-07: Cermaq Canada is committed to transparency. ASC-required data for all farm sites, certified or not, is published on a montly basis. Date to the end of June 30 has now been published. Read on

Cermaq Canada earns four-star salmon certification from Global Aquaculture Alliance

2016-06-27: Cermaq Canada fish now meets the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s four-star Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification standard. Read on

Third farm ASC-certified for Cermaq Canada

2016-06-23: Cermaq Canada is pleased to announce that it now has three salmon farms certified to the most rigorous environmental certification standard in the world. Read on

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